Technological Innovation:

In the realm of technology, HARTOMPET is committed to providing state-of-the-art customized solutions for backyard chickens. 🐔 We employ advanced technologies, including remotely controllable automatic doors, winter warmers for chicken coops, smart feed dispensers, and innovative accessories such as professional leg rings for chickens. 🚪❄️ Our dynamic monitoring technology ensures that each chicken's vital signs are tracked, ensuring their well-being is always optimal. 📊 These technologies not only enhance the welfare of the chickens but also make poultry farming more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable. 🌐🌱 #SmartChickens #InnovationInFarming


Human Care:

HARTOMPET cares deeply about the well-being of poultry, and our product designs emphasize both technological innovation and human care. 🐓 Understanding that chickens are integral to family farms, our devices, such as automatic doors and feed dispensers, are meticulously crafted for a user-friendly experience. 🤖🥚 Our products not only make it convenient for farmers but also aim to improve the quality of life for the chickens, creating a warm and secure living environment. 🏡🌈 #HappyChickens #TechForWellness


Social Responsibility:

HARTOMPET integrates a sense of social responsibility into its corporate DNA. 🌱We pledge to invest 5% of the company's profits into the MAD AGRICULTURE non-profit organization, promoting regenerative agricultural practices. 🤝 Through this initiative, we are steadfast in supporting sustainable agricultural development, environmental conservation, and increasing the efficiency of agricultural production. 🌍 We firmly believe that the success of a business should go hand in hand with societal progress and environmental sustainability, reflecting our commitment and responsibility to society. 🌾 HARTOMPET, with its core values of technological innovation, human care, and social responsibility, provides comprehensive customized solutions for backyard chicken farming, assisting farmers in creating more livable home farms. 🏡🐣 #SustainableFarming #CorporateResponsibility